When we talk about recycling, most people automatically think about the collection bin that goes out on the lawn with your garbage every week. But separating the glass, plastic, and paper from your trash isn’t the only way you can recycle. There’s a very easy method that has a much more immediate result, and that’s donating.

Secondhand clothing
Secondhand clothing

Many people don’t even realize that when they donate old or unwanted clothing and products that they are recycling at the same time. Giving away old clothes to another person keeps them from going into the trash and allows them to be reused.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who donates the clothing, or the person who receives them and reuses them. You are both doing your part on cutting down on waste and getting the most out of the items before they eventually do find their way to the landfill.

Unfortunately, we live in a very wasteful society and have caused a lot of damage to the earth. In recent years we have been getting better about the way we produce and dispose of products, but unless we all do our part it will end up being a case of too little too late.

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself to make a difference, drastically changing all kinds of things in your life. Doing so usually results in a single try, or mistakes being made. Just know that if everyone does even one small thing that it can make a huge difference. Little things like donating to Goodwill or shopping at secondhand stores can be a great first step to embracing a more environmentally conscious way of life, for all of us, and the long haul. #ginb

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